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2 weeks ago

If you have access to a Bible check out this reference
2 Peter 1:3. If you dont have a Bible then check it out online. Pretty cool.

2 weeks ago

Monday .... you have a decision this week. As you travel through the week you will leave a trail. Decide now whether it will be one that adds light to dark places
It is your decision.

3 weeks ago

This week Sunday. Remember daylight saving.
2 Peter 2 part 2. If you enjoyed last week . Come this week. If you missed last week come this week. Looking forward to catching up.

3 weeks ago

I reckon we who life here in Aotearoa on an Island are in someway connected to the beach. Take sometime this week and check it out. Have a walk along the beach see how you feel.

3 weeks ago
Marriage Course remake 2019

We are looking forward to bringing this to Whakatane in 2020!


This video is about Marriage Course remake 2019

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